Nov 29, 2015

Sunday Smooch with Louisa George

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Louisa George! (Available for pre-order from Amazon)


When rugged cop Daniel Wade agrees to help organize his friend's Christmas wedding it brings him face-to-face with the bridesmaid, his estranged wife. Emma is determined that divorce is on the cards, but sometimes all it takes is another chance to get things right..

Kiss scene: Set up: After a very frosty start to their awkward reunion Daniel and Emma are leading a pre-wedding kayak trip for the wedding guests. An argument has led to Emma pushing Daniel into the sea...

Emma quickly steered into a deserted sheltered bay, jumped out of the kayak and dragged it up the shore, over tiny pebbles and shells that stung her feet. Then she took shelter in the far corner of the bay underneath an ancient gnarled pohutukawa tree -their tree- and stood on a carpet of tiny fallen crimson stamens. Shivering. Panicking. 
            But it was a delicious panic bubbling in her stomach, something she hadn't felt in a long time. She hadn't expected that. Or simple fun, straight after an argument. Just like the good old days; forgiving and forgetting; erasing the bad times with a laugh. And a kiss.
            Danny wasn't far behind, ripping up the waves, then standing shoulder deep, striding out of the sea like Poseidon, with a smile on his lips, a curse in his mouth. He had menace in his eyes.
            And sex was glittering there too.
            The air around her seemed to electrify at the thought. For them the sex had never been the problem. It was everything else.
            "Danny! Finally! Guess you worked it out, then?" Breathless. Bracing herself for his words. Shaking as the water dried on her skin leaving her cold on the outside. Inside, she was burning a fever.  "Good to see all that training put to some use."
            But he said nothing, only fixed her in his sights and strode towards her. Each step making her heart thunder in her chest. As he closed in he unzipped his lifejacket, flung it to the sand leaving his chest bare, his exquisite body rock hard and slick with water. His shorts sticking to his thighs, outlining the strength of his legs. And more.
            She remembered the countless times they'd paddled here at dusk and made love by the light of a campfire. How she'd clung to him and believed that what they had could never be broken, that it would last forever. She remembered the way they'd laugh at something, at everything, that goofing around had been their default. That serious was something they'd tried to hold back because being a doctor and a cop had enough serious without putting it between them. 
She remembered that they would kiss away each other's fears. That she couldn't imagine being anywhere else other than in his arms, held tight and safe and warm. A lifeline from the thrashing sea of life.
            And she wondered how that anchor had slipped so far away from their grasp and whether it was still there, bobbing just out of reach. Maybe some effort. A stretch. A leap of faith?
            When he reached her he was breathing hard and fast, his arm muscles pumped, water dripping from his eyelashes like diamonds. He stopped in front of her. Close. Close enough to touch. Which he did, reaching out a hand to her cheek. His thumb made slow strokes over her skin, stoking an unbearable heat in her gut.
            His gaze locked on to hers as he wiped the droplets from her face, ran a trail to her lip with his fingertips. In his dark mocha eyes a fire burnt, hot and hungry. And she didn't know whether to run or stay. 
            When she bit down on his thumb pad he leaned in and groaned in her ear, "Do that again and you'll be in big trouble, lady."
            "Promise or threat?" Another game they'd played so many, many times.
            But she didn't have time to find out his answer because his mouth slammed over hers, all promise, all threat. The taste of salt and elemental man swamped her. She wanted him. Had never stopped wanting him. Would never, ever stop wanting him.
            She wound her hands around his neck, angling her mouth against his, pulling him tight against her. His skin was cold as she moved her fingers over his shoulders, down his back- his muscles tightening in response. Slowly, she relearnt the feel of him, the taste. The empty, frigid two year gap bridged by sensation and searing heat, by need and touch.
            His hands cupped her cheeks, fingers spiking her hair, innocent almost. A new beginning, belied by his erection pressing hard against her. But when he groaned her name there was nothing innocent about the raw need winding through her, blurring her edges. Her breath stuttered, the ache in her core flared to life. So good to know how much she could still turn him on.
            "God, I've missed you," she managed between kisses, surprised at how much she meant it. But she had missed him. Missed this. Missed this Danny. She knew the other paddlers would be here soon and she didn't rightly care. Couldn't think about anything other than melting into him again. She pulled him to the ground, out of view from the shore, her hand sweeping across his sculpted chest. Beneath her fingers was the steady heartbeat of a man she'd known soul deep. A man she'd loved with every fibre of her being. 
            Her body was on fire anticipating his touch, heat swirled in her tummy, lower. Her nipples peaked as he crushed her ever tighter, deepening the kiss. His heat and his scent familiar, yet new. Powerful and strong, yielding and giving. And she responded the only way she knew how- by giving herself back to him. 
Baby, It's Hot Outside is one of the novellas from the Love Cats Boxset, Hot Christmas Nights available from 1st December or on pre-order NOW from Amazon

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Louisa is giving away an e-book copy of her book to one lucky commenter!  So her question to you is:

Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with, and why?



  1. My husband. Would try to make it a romantic get-away feeling rather than a stranded feeling (wink, wink, nod, nod). It doesn't hurt that he isn't directionally challenged like I am, LOL.

    1. Awww, so sweet you'd turn it into a romantic getaway with hubby!
      LOL Laney4... I am SO directionally challenged, I'd get lost on a tiny island!

  2. Oh Louisa

    Loved this one it is such a great story I loved the setting and Danny and Emma needed each other and worked so well :)

    Now who would I like to be stranded on a desert island with Hugh Jackman he could keep me very entertained :)

    Congrats on the box set Ladies

    have Fun

    1. So glad you liked this story, Helen. I took a bit of a risk with the subject matter- glad it paid off!

      Ahhhhh Hugh Jackman...yes please....

  3. well I suppose my Husband as we always find plenty to talk about even after all these years----LynW

    1. So great you still have so much in common with your husband, sweet.

  4. Louisa, what a great scene. I really want this pair to make up after their estrangement! Congratulations on the new story. I'm so looking forward to reading the boxed set!

    Hm, on a desert island I'd opt for someone with an endless supply of cool drinks and yummy food. If that person could also be my husband I'd be happy!

    1. Thanks Annie- they deserve a great HEA!
      I love that you and so many others want to take your hubbies with you to a deserted island...and a big tick for the cool drinks and yummy food too!

  5. I've had a sneak peek at this story already, and I have to say that I'm still a bit in love with Danny. Happy sigh... :)

  6. Love this smooch, Louisa! Love Danny and Emma's story. :-)

    If I were stranded on a desert island, I'd very much like Mr Douglas to be stranded with me...along with the collected work of Jane Austen and a barrel of mojitos. ;-)

    1. Now you have definitely go the right idea, Michelle!!!!! Wouldn't want to leave a desert island with those to keep me company.

  7. Great smooch, Louisa!! I love this story so much - Danny is a great hero :)

    As for being stranded on a desert Island...maybe someone with good survival skills and the ability to kill any creepy crawlies. Because I'm practical like that haha

    1. Hahahaha, I'm the same, Stef. When I was trying to get to sleep in the middle of last night (I'd been doing the night walk so I was wide awake at 2am...) a HUGE thing flew into our bedroom and INTO MY HAIR and I woke the whole house up with my screams. No-one believed me that it was a dragon...turned out to be a flying cockroach. EURGH
      So, no flying insects on the island. At. ALL

  8. Fabulous smooch Louisa. I think it's even better because I know what came before it and what came after it. Such a good story.
    Can't say I've had any reason to decide who I'd want to be stranded on a desert island with.

    1. Hi Lyn! So glad you enjoyed Dan and Emma's story... I was so tempted to put in the before and after, but I think it would have made the excerpt too long....

  9. I may dream about famous people like Dale Jr the racer but in reality it would have to be hubby because I have no doubt he would die to protect me and kill whatever he had to make sure we didn't starve... he is a lifelong fisherman and hunter.... carpenter so he can make us shelter too....

  10. What a sensual, emotional smooch, Louisa. Readers are in for a treat with this story!
    Oh, wouldn't it be nice to be stranded on a desert island with my lovely husband. But I'd make sure he'd done a water divining course first!

    1. LOL!!!! I think being stranded on a desert island with the man you love is the best fantasy in the world!!!! (As long as there was a way off the island at some point!)

  11. I just had to google Dale Jr, Diana- and I can totally see why you'd want to be stranded with him!!! But your hubby sounds endlessly resourceful and I totally LOVE a man who would die to protect you *sigh*

  12. OK this has to be a fantasy question Cannot live without my husband and daughter, but for the island I will take Tom Hardy for one night!

  13. oooo, gorgeous Smooch, Louisa! Only two sleeps until I can get my copy of the BoxSet of Christmas stories! Yay!

    The person I'd most like to be stranded with is my hubby - but I'd like to send him off to do a survival course with Bear Grylls first! Knowing the ins and outs of HTML & PHP and MySQL just isn't going to cut it on a desert island!

  14. Love the smooch thank you.

    I'd be very happy to be stranded with Jamie Oliver. He seems very personable and no matter what the island had in the way of edibles he would make a delicious meal from it.

    1. Mary! Inspired choice of strandee! I was sending my hubby to study with Bear Grylls, but I'm not entirely sure about some of the things he eats... I think you have a much better idea.

  15. Hello Louisa, I really enjoyed this story, is very exciting.
    If I were to go to a desert island, I'd go with the model David Gandy, if him not he had time, then I would go with my husband. :)

  16. That is a smoking hot smooch, Louisa.

    Hmmm, a desert island - my husband of course. But, if he wasn't available, Henry Cavill might do.

  17. Hi Louisa - awesome smooch and I loved this story. Who to be stranded on a desert island with....well, I would have to say hubby cos he can fix anything, make anything, solve problems like finding shelter and constructing a raft and he'd definitely put up with my whining...but if he wasn't available....Mark Ruffalo....sigh :)

  18. Oh my, Louisa - that smooch was awesome! You had me on the edge of my seat waiting for that kiss!

    I'm with Tammy here and will totally go for the fantasy answer to my companion on a deserted island. But looks like I'm going to have to fight Helen for him. Or maybe we could share Mark Ruffalo between us?? ;-)

  19. I seem to be having trouble replying to individual messages today...sorry!

    Tammy- I'll definitely fight you for Tom Hardy, I ADORE him!!

    Sharon- You are a very clever lady- sending hubby out with Bear is an excellent idea!!!

    Mary- jamie Oliver- inspired idea!!!!!

    Franca...I like your choice in men!!

    Jen...I'm adding Henry Cavill to my list!

    Helen...Mark Ruffalo...yummy! But it sounds like you might have to fight that one out with Amy!!!