Nov 1, 2015

Sunday Smooch with Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Amy Andrews but first 
... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Debbie Phillips!

Can you please contact Rachel on rachel(at) rachelbailey (dot) com to receive your copy of His 24-Hour Wife.

And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Some Guys Need a Lot Of Lovin'

Paramedic Marcus Weston is losing it. The loveable larrikin of Jumbuck Springs is battling PTSD after a horrific incident during recent bushfires. He thought he had a handle on it but not even boozing, partying and wild women are helping this Casanova get outside his head anymore.

Psychologist Juanita Slattery is looking for a sexy distraction. The long, tall stranger in a pair of Wranglers with his big old flirty smile and rugged country looks is just the ticket. And he doesn’t disappoint as they burn up the sheets together in an unforgettable one night stand.

Fast forward a few days and they come face-to-face again. But this time Juanita is in Jumbuck Springs as part of the post-fire counselling team and Marcus is sitting on the other side of her desk. He just wants to get back to work. She knows he needs help. Professional boundaries dictate that they keep their distance, but intense physical attraction rarely follows reason…

Scene set-up
Juantia and Marcus have just met for the first time in a hotel bar. It's her birthday and she's away from her home and friends at a work function that 's about as thrilling as a trip to the dentist. They get chatting, then flirting, then they move the action to her hotel room for a spot of birthday sex.


He watched her shimmy out of her skirt to reveal green-satin-and-black-lace underwear and a pair of sheer, lacy-topped stockings sitting mid-thigh. His gaze ate up the fullness of her breasts and the luscious curve to her belly and hips, enjoying the tease of her half-nudity in her sky-scraper, fuck-me shoes.

She pulled her hair out of its ponytail, giving her head a shake. Wavy, raven locks spilled down her back and forward over her shoulders, the dark tips just brushing her nipples. 

“I think it might actually be my birthday,” he muttered as he wrapped his arm around her waist and hauled her closer, their hips crushed together as his head swooped down to claim her mouth.

And she tasted as good as she looked — better. There was something sweet and fruity on her lips and when she opened to him on a soft moan he could taste the lime from her drink. He plundered her mouth to find all of it and she let him, twisting and turning her head to keep up with the demands of his tongue as it sought out every last trace.

The citrusy aroma, the melody of her soft pants and the hammer of his pulse filled his head, beating back the darkness inside.


This is what he wanted. The oblivion of her mouth. The sweet haven of her body. Respite from the things that haunted him. A place to get lost in. Someone to get lost with.

A world where pleasure and hedonism ruled.

He kissed her harder, deeper, wetter. Desperate for it. Demanding more. Groaning against her mouth when she gave him harder, deeper, wetter back.

Her hands pushed under the band of his underwear, sliding warm and sure to his ass. His cock, already granite hard, bucked when she squeezed his glutes, his balls contracting at the potent stimulus. 
"Off," she mrmured as she pushed them down his hips.  
Marcus complied one-handed, dragging hers down with the other whispering, “Bed,” against her mouth and walking her backwards.

Juanita chose some horizontal rumba with a tall sexy stranger as a way to spend her birthday. For a chance to win a digital (from Amazon) copy of Some Guys Need A Lot of Lovin, tell me how do you like to spend your birthday? 

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a new smooch will be posted!

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  1. "... Professional boundaries dictate that they keep their distance, but intense physical attraction rarely follows reason…." Ain't that the truth, LOL!

    Birthday? Seriously, I just don't care what I do, but I DO care that my family had better recognize it (after all I go through for THEIR birthdays!). Doesn't need to be a party or a meal in a restaurant. Just being together - whether it's on a birthday or not - is what's important to me.

  2. Woohoo Amy

    I have this one (and the rest of this series) waiting for me on my kindle and after that bit I really need to read these stories :)

    For my birthday as long as I have my family with me I am happy to do whatever :)

    Have Fun

  3. Smoking hot smooch, Amy!!

    Had my birthday not long ago and all my friends came over for lunch on our back deck - pretty great day!

    1. I'm guessing there was also, champagne, right, Jen??? 😄

  4. had my birthday a few week ago & went to lunch with Family --- always a good time spent with them LynW

  5. There is nothing in the world quite like Hot Birthday Sex. . . yes . . . all with capital letters!
    Your stories never fail to hit the spot Amy, and this is another I will relish reading. I get the "disappearing into the hedonistic sensations of non committal sex". . . no fears, no boundaries, just let it all out. Sensational.

  6. Wonderful smooch Amy. I like to spend my birthday with my family and a Rocky Road ice cream cake

  7. Hello Amy, the beautiful cover of your book! On my birthday I like to spend it only with my husband, going out to dinner at the restaurant. This year, however, my husband gave me a beautiful gift ..... a long weekend in a beautiful and romantic resort .

  8. Yowee! That is a sizzling scene, Amy! And SUCH a glorious cover! Just been over to snap up a copy of this on Amazon... did you realise you haven't got any links to make it easier for us to get to the shop to buy!

    I'm pretty laid back about my birthday - but I do always think it's a perfect day to insist on as much reading time as I want!

    1. Yeh...links would have been smart, Sharon :_/
      Just added them.
      I love the idea of a day to read as a gift for your birthday. Best present ever I'd say!

  9. Amy, this looks like a scorcher of a book You're really on a roll!

    You know, I'm having trouble recalling my last birthday - it was a bit of a blur in between family health problems. But usually I love a quiet dinner with Mr West, either out or home cooked, and of course, time with the family.

  10. Amy, that smooch was scorching!

    I have a birthday soonish, so I'm reading all the ideas with interest. Thanks for getting people to compile a list for me! ;)

  11. Smokin' smooch, Amy!

    Ah, the perfect birthday includes my man, pizza and champagne. :-)

  12. you really love to make us pant don't you?