Oct 3, 2014

Tέλος, Fin, نهاية, The End- and a giveaway to celebrate!

Oh, the joy, the sweet, perfect joy of writing 'the end' of a book. I have literally, only minutes ago finished the second book in my Weddings in Westchester series and I couldn't be happier.

(Actually, I was probably at my happiest when my husband's cousin arrived with this little beauty to celebrate - thanks, Maria!).

It's not that I didn't love the story or my characters, it's more that I was so anxious to give my characters Erin and Nick their happily ever after that I was racing to make sure they got it.

If you slide your gaze right you'll see the first in this series The Bouquet List which has been out on the shelves for a couple of weeks. Some of you will know that my husband is Greek and we've spent quite a bit of time in Greece. Added to that, one of my favourite movies of all time is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," so I guess it wasn't a surprise that the Katsalos family who run a wedding business in upstate New York paid me a visit.

Here's a little run down of the characters in first two books of the Weddings in Westchester series to get you acquainted:

Pia Katsalos - wife to Mano and mother to Nick, Ari and Yasmin. She's had enough of her life at the        Aegean Palace, the wedding hall she's run with Mano for the past 40 years. She's gone back to Greece until either the Palace starts making money, or Mano agrees to sell.

Mano Katsalos - horrified that his wife has left home, he leaves their three children to run things until he brings their mother back. First to look after the Palace is:

Yasmin Katsalos - mushroom expert with purple hair and a diamond stud in her nose, and survivor of dengue fever. Yasmin's back home to work on her "bouquet list" (the list you make when you realise you're not going to die) and number five on her list is having a fling with a guy who is a tall, dark, handsome guy who is totally out of her league. The person who fits that bill just happens to be:

Lane Griffiths - restaurant renovation expert who's been charged with turning "the Palace" around. He couldn't possibly fall for Yasmin becuase he's the best friend of:

Nick Katsalos - brother to Yasmin, mathematician and general heart breaker who will have his very own story in book Two! (I know that to be true because I've just written his story!!) Nick is challenged to take the success of the Palace to a whole new level when he enters a wager with the daughter of his family's greatest rival. That person is:

Erin O'Malley- eldest daughter of the O'Malley family, Erin needs to prove that she has what it takes to run her father's business and that involves beating the confident and calculating Nick.

To celebrate endings, and the release of The Bouquet List.  I have two e copies to give away for commenters who can tell me something they can't wait for.


  1. Woohoo on finishing the book Barbara it must be a great feeling and love that cake :) I have The Bouquet List on my kindle and can't wait to read it :)

    I can't wait for retirement I nee more to to spend with family and to read :)

    Have Fun

  2. I love The Bouquet List! But I'm also lucky enough to have read Nick and Erin's story already and I love that one too. Hurry up and write the third one - I'm waiting to read it! :)

  3. I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding and just the mention of the movie makes me want to read these books. Not that I didn't want to already, of course, but now I can't wait.

    The cake looks tasty too!

  4. Your series sounds wonderful, Barb! W Greek family, weddings and romance -- sounds like a winner all round to me. Can't wait to read them. :-)

  5. How fun, Barbara! Congrats on the end of the story! That must be such a good feeling! As a reader, I both look forward to and mourn the end ;) Fortunately, there's another in the series, right? I know that as a parent, I looked forward to the end of diapers and middle of the night feedings ;) I'm not quite where I'm looking forward to the end of my days as chauffeur quite yet ;)

  6. On my kindle. Soon as I finish the Texas Cattlemans Club I'm in the middle of, I'll get started.
    I can't wait for the new model kindle to be available. My kindle is full and it's too hard to work out what books to delete.

  7. Barb, yay on writing The End on your latest story! And The Bouquet List sounds fab - love the play on "the bucket list". Purple-haired, mushroom expert, Yasmin sounds like someone I have to meet!

    Your dh's cousin, Maria, makes a mean cake! Yum!

  8. A slice of that cake wouldn't go amiss.

    I can't wait for all of the Christmas reads to be out.

  9. I don't need another copy of The Bouquet List and you already know my thoughts on it. :) I can't wait for the next book
    That is an awesomely yummy looking cake

  10. Mmm. Cake. Mmm. Sorry...what was the question again?

  11. Sounds like a great read, Barb! I've already got it on my Kindle, can't wait to read it :) I can't wait for Christmas!! I'm itching to get a new tree and start decorating :D

  12. Barb, that cake's a winner. As your book will be. Congrats on The End. When I type that on my current story I can't wait to start the next.