Jul 21, 2014

Funday Monday on the LoveCats!

Today we've got a Funday with a message!

July is Jul-EYE - Eye Health Month!  When did you have your last eye check? 

So if you haven't been for a while, how about picking up the phone and making an appointment!

And purely for fun, here's a cat's eyes puzzle from those clever people at JigZone!  It's a different shape cut today so good luck!

Click to Mix and Solve


  1. Hi Sharon

    I am pretty good at getting my eyes checked every 2 years as I could not possibly even think of not being able to read

    Have Fun

  2. Good on you, Helen! I've just recently had mine checked and time had sneaked away on me a bit so it was closer to 4 years since my last one! But all good and I'm now on their reminder list so I won't be relying on my memory!

  3. Fascinating video, Sharon. As a member of the spectacle brigade, I do have regular eye tests, but I'm amazed at how much more the eye can tell doctors. I'll be taking extra care to make sure I keep those appointments in the future.

    1. I found the amount of heath information can be gleaned from an eye fascinating too, Michelle. And I'm going to take extra care to make sure I get to regular check ups! No more putting it off!