Feb 10, 2012

Romance is Key!

Yep. I'm old-fashioned.

I adore red roses on Valentine's Day. I love the meaning filled cards my husband and I swap. I like to be reminded that I'm special in someone's life and let that someone know that they are equally special in mine.

In ways which count we show each other, no matter what, we're never alone. I think that's the kind of love most people search for and some are lucky enough to find. Days spent with simple pleasures, kind words, lots of laughter and understanding when it's needed most.

Can you keep a secret?

We never had a honeymoon. And given this year is the year I intend to make a few things happen, I've organized a bit of a trip closer to our anniversary month. I'll give you some hints... Leis and sunshine...first-class entertainment and, no doubt, way too much food...the Pacific Ocean and a suite with its very own balcony view.

I haven't told you-know-who yet. Maybe he'll suggest we renew our vows. He's that kind of guy.

So are you a flowers on Valentine's Day type, or maybe someone who views V Day as more a commerical money spinner? I see Easter eggs are out in the stores already...

P.S. Don't forget to enter my Valentine's contest here for the chance to win flowers, champagne and two fabulous romantic reads by Rachel Bailey and Amy Andrews!


  1. Robbie, your anniversary plans sound gorgeous. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

    We don't have big V's Day celebrations. There are usually cards and a special meal (prepared at home) but last year and this year I was committed to running writing workshops out of town so it makes the celebrations more difficult.

    On the other hand we tend to celebrate anniversaries. They're usually low key but special and sometimes we treat ourselves to something extra. We had a significant anniversary a few years ago and my DH surprised me with a trip from Australia to Auckland. Sadly it coincided with the kids getting chicken pox so we spent the anniv in a house of sickness but went the following anniversary, just the two of us, and had a wonderful time.

    Hope you have a lovely celebration!

  2. Oh, Robbie, gorgeous, gorgeous photo!

    Mr Douglas and I don't usually do anything particularly big for Valentine's Day -- although it is always a good excuse for saying "I love you," and eating chocolate. :-)

    Like you and Annie, though, anniversaries are very important to us. Your anniversary plans sound divine and I hope you both have the most marvellous time and make gorgeous memories!

  3. Love the wedding pic - you look amazing!!

    We don't tend to do much on VD anymore and this year, I have a Kinder orientation meeting at school - which clever person organised that day? Hmmm.

    Like Annie and Michelle we also tend to celebrate anniversaries more.

    Hope you have a lovely time away - it sounds lush :)

  4. Hi Robbie - I love Valentine's Day. We probably celebrate that more than our anniversary. When I worked a day job I used to love getting flowers at work on V Day. As soon a delivery person walked through the place with flowers, we'd all be trying to guess who they were for.
    Lovely picture of your wedding. And enjoy your trip, it sounds fabulous.

  5. Robbie, we're really really laid-back here about Valentines and anniversaries! And I do mean REALLY laid-back! We've even had friends remind us that it was our wedding anniversary... which is kinda embarrassing! LOL

    I ADORE your wedding picture! It's just loaded with love and affection. Your honeymoon plans sound awesome! We'll look forward to hearing more! And to seeing the pictures of you laden with leis walking along a sandy beach... perhaps in the moonlight! Ah, now I'm feeling very romantic!

  6. Robbie, what a lovely surprise for your man. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. You're obviously a very romantic couple.
    We didn't have a honeymoon either. In fact I'm always told how the mother-in-law (my mum) came home with us from our secret wedding that only family attended. Fortunately DB and Mum got on very well.

  7. Annie, I'm with you on anniversaries. My dh and I had a gorgeous dinner out at a Maleny restaurant last year. Stunning views from the mountain side, magnificent food and service. For anyone who's interested:


  8. Thanks for the wishes, Michelle =*)
    I thought about telling him tonight but he had such an early start this morning, he's already pushing z's!
    Perhaps I'll tell him Tuesday...

  9. Hi Joanne! You have a littly starting Kindy? They are SO cute at that age. We were going through our youngest's school photos the other night, thinking where did the time go!

  10. Oh, Helen, yes! Flower deliveries at work are such fun. I remember, *many* years ago, the lovely receptionist, who was also a friend, ripping open a card before I got the chance.

  11. Sharon, I'll have to take a super duper camera along! I'm still in awe of those pics you shot out camping a few weeks ago. You inspire me!!

  12. LOL! Sue what a great story/memory! I do love beautiful big weddings - my nephew's recently was *amazing*! But if it had been my decision, I'd have had a very small wedding. Or, better yet, just whipped off and come back wearing bands. We even discussed it.

  13. Robbie, I just sigh every time I see that photo at the top of the post. You're both so gorgeous and the love between you is right there, shining for everyone to see. :)

    We always do something for Valentine's Day, even if it's just swapping a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers from the garden (in fact, I've already noticed a box of Lindt hidden at the back of the cupboard!). We don't do anything big for our anniversary, but we do treat it as a special time.

  14. What a lovely photo Robyn! You two look so much in love. Gorgeous!

    Would my guess be true of your holiday destination?

  15. That is such a gorgeous photo and I just love the look of your dress, with that neckline. Has to be one of the most romantic wedding photos I've ever seen!!
    I trip between the two thoughts about Valentine's day - yes, its commercial but on the other hand, what fun!!

  16. Flowers from the garden would do it for me! Would you believe I used to grow the most beautiful roses. That was a long time ago lol

  17. Nas, I reckon you'd be pretty close ;)

  18. Thank you, Jo! It was a lovely gown. I actually wore it to a Harlequin cocktail dress-up evening when I went as Jean Harlow. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit me now. Although, after my 12 week challenge, who knows!

  19. this year we celebrated V-Day by exchange V-Day gift with co-worker