Aug 18, 2011

New Characters!

I have to confess that I'm a day behind on posting ... I'm flying to Auckland in about 20 minutes to attend part of the Romance Writers of NZ conference, and I just remembered that I should have posted this yesterday!!

I'm introducing you to the hero and heroine of the book I'm writing right now, because I love to share visual aids. I spend hours on the internet looking for the right pics of my characters, and I thought you might like to meet them to!

Caitlin Rose is a former ballerina turned teacher, and Tom Cartwright is a just-retired Navy SEAL. Aren't they cute together?
I have to fly (literally!) so I have time to do my hair and kiss my baby goodbye, so I'll see you soon and I promise my next post will be longer.

Soraya xxoo


  1. They look wonderful together. Best of luck at the conference!

  2. Have a great time at the conference.

  3. Ok, well, I'm still here!! I was a few minutes late to check in and they wouldn't issue my ticket :( Then I find out that the flight was delayed anyway - mean JetStar!! Won't be flying with them again.

    So I'm about to head to the airport again now for a second time ... and $100 lighter since they charged me for the fare change :(

  4. Hi Soraya,

    they are a *gorgeous couple* - good luck with your flight - and have fun in NZ =)

  5. I'm the same Nat! Love to spend ages finding the right images and tone. These two are gorgeous!
    Have a fab time at the conference. Which I was there!

  6. Have fun at the conference, Soraya! It'll be just awesome and I'd love to be there!

    Caitlin and Tom are a very dishy couple!


  7. Soyara, apologies! I was e-speaking with Nat just before posting here and she was rushing out the door to your conference too! I've been known to get confused...

  8. Love the pictures you must have a hard time picking pictures to inspire you there are so many.

    Have a great time at the conference

    Have Fun