Jul 1, 2011

Famous Brothers

Is it true that if one is good, two (or three) must be better? I've been thinking about famous sets of brothers lately - partly because I've been writing a series about three brothers.

There's the Baldwin brothers, of course - all four of them.

And Ben and Casey Affleck.

And Ralph and Joseph Fiennes.

With a special mention for the Blues Brothers (who grew up in an orphanage together so were kinda adoptive brothers).

(Edited to add the Wilson brothers - Luke and Owen, and the Finn brothers - Neil and Tim. Thanks to the suggestions in the comments section!)

The brothers in my connected books are Ryder Bramson (who looked a lot like Clive Owen in my mind), Seth Kentrell (who resembled Richard Armitage to me) and JT Hartley (looking like James Marsden).

The actors I used in my mind probably don't look as much like brothers as the sets above, but then these three all had different mothers, so there was bound to be a bit less resemblance.

So what other sets of famous brothers can you think of? Any favourite pairs or groups? Enquiring minds need to know! :)


  1. Ooh, Rachel, those Fiennes brothers are nice looking boys. LOL, but the first famous brothers that popped into my head were the Marx brothers! Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez made me swoon in my younger days. Then there's Luke and Owen Wilson - veeerrrry nice!

    I loved your Ryder and Seth, and I can't wait to read about JT!

  2. Just have to love those Blues Brothers. Now I have the line 'we're on a mission from God' in my head.

    Speaking of John Belushi, his brother is actor Jim Belushi.
    Then there's Matt Dillon (who I've loved since seeing him in The Outsiders many many moons ago) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage).

    I love the inspiration for your brothers! :)

  3. Michelle, how could I forget luke and owen wilson? I'm away from home right now (commenting from my phone for the first time!) But as soon as I get back to my computer, I'll add a photo.

    Thrilled you liked ryder and seth's books. :)

  4. Eleni, there are so many great lines from that movie, aren't there? Maybe I should do a whole post on it one day. :)

    I don't think I know kevin dillon... Must google. And, yes! Jim and john belushi!

  5. Stepping away from actors - I'm a bit partial to the Finn brothers (Neil & Tim) myself :)

  6. Kez, after i'd done this post, I was telling dh about it, and his first response was, what about the Finn brothers? Can't believe I forgot them! But I said it would be alright, because surely someone would mention them in a comment. So, thanks! Maybe I'll upload a photo of them when I get home tonight too. :)

  7. Rachel, I love your connected stories about the brothers and everyone is in for another big treat with JT!

    Famous acting brothers... mmm, I had to go back a bit but there's those Bridges boys - Jeff and Beau. And going back further there was their dad, Lloyd, in Sea Hunt - I know I used to enjoy it enormously but all I can really remember now is one of the scuba divers always seemed to end up with an air hose being cut!


  8. How about vampires with souls? Do they count? I'm thinking Angel and Spike. Not brothers, as in they have the same blood, but they have fangs and souls and they're both hot...

  9. I saw Alec Baldwin in one of his earliest movies the other night and, boy, did he look like Stephen (younger brother).

    So many lovely brothers here!! First ones that came to my mind (remembering I have a 9yo daughter who loves Disney Channel) is the Jonas Bros. They seem like nice boys too.

    Oh, and what about David and Shaun Cassidy? David's still doing a show in Vegas, a proud father and husband, or last I heard.

  10. Sharon, I loved Jeff and Beau Bridges (in fact, their movie, The Fabulous Baker Boys, was part of the inspiration of Seth's book and the kiss on the piano!). Great suggestion.

    I've never seen Sea Hunt, but sounds fun. :)

  11. Emily, Spike and Angel *always* count, no matter the topic of conversation. However, I'd like to see you tell them they're like brothers! =)

  12. I love brothers . . . my current favourites are Liam and Chris Hemsworth, and they're Aussie too! Chris soared onto my hero list list when he played Jim Kirk's father in the recent Star Trek movie (sigh)and of course who could go past those abdominals in Thor. And Liam is tall and handsome and definate hero material (must go and google pictures)
    Great post Rachel :)

  13. Robbie - David and Shaun Cassidy. Yes! And now I've just wasted about 20 minutes googling them and reading their wikipedia entries, lol.

    The Jonas Bros, I've heard of, but couldn't pick them out in a line up. Maybe I should google them (but Shaun and David had more entries I didn't read yet...).

  14. Helen - I can't believe I forgot the Hemsworth brothers. Thanks! To be honest, I've never seen either of them in a role (seen lots of trailers and ads), but I did catch Chris in Dancing with the Stars a couple of times and he seemed lovely (and spectacular).

  15. Rachel

    Great pictures to look at and I am sure that they have all been mentioned although there are The Everly Brothers who sang great songs although i don't think they were true brothers either.

    Have Fun

  16. Helen, in the name of truth, justice and the Lovecat way, I've been out hunting down the truth about The Everly Brothers (actually, I checked wikipedia), and they *are* actual brothers - Don and Phil Everly. Good choice!

  17. Hi Rachel,

    The photos are Good to Look At! (It should be a title!)

    Well as a mum to a teen girl, I know Jonas Brothers and have seen their movie, Camp Rock. And their TV series.

  18. Nas, great title for a post. ;)

    I had a quick look at the Jonas Brothers after Robbie mentioned them - they reminded me of Hansen from a few years ago. I'm feeling very out of touch with teen culture!

  19. Don't forget the Wayans brother: Keenan-Ivory, Damon, Shawn and Marlon

  20. And the Phoenix brothers?

  21. I know this is an old post now, but there are a couple I thought of: James, Tom & Dave Franco, Nick & Aaron Carter, and James & Oliver Phelps.