Jul 3, 2019

The Reading Hour by Clare Connelly

I'm really struggling to dig my way through my TBR pile at the moment. Between the kids, school, designing our new house, and writing lots of words, I'm finding it really hard to get my reading time in. I don't really like to read fiction while I'm writing it, so I'm limited to non-fiction much of the time (I'm working my way through a fascinating book right now that's waaaay outside my usual proclivities). I find non-fiction stretches my brain without distracting me from the characters of my own creation, though it's a lot less gripping and therefore I can go days at a time without picking the book back up.

Up until about six months ago, I had a really good system. At 2pm every day, almost always without fail, I'd fold my laptop up and take to the sofa for my Reading Hour. Yes, a Reading Hour. I set an alarm on my phone for 3pm, because I would generally doze off at some point and that way I could be sure I wouldn't sleep through school pick-up time!

But in 2019, I've started walking every day, about 6k in the mornings. It's been amazing for my health, and for my writing because I use the time to plot up a storm, but it squeezes my writing time and makes it harder for me to adhere to a set Reading Hour because I find I have to work that bit later in the day, using every available minute. I read in the bath - I'm a recreational bather, give me bubbles, vino and a book and I'm happy! - but I'm still not getting through enough books.

What about you? Do you find you're reading as much as you'd like? Where do you squeeze your reading time into the day? How much do you read in a week? Maybe I'm just being too hard on myself but for someone who used to devour a Mills & Boon novel in a night, I'm finding my snail's pace very frustrating! And I have a permanent kindle bruise on my forehead from where I drop my kindle on my face as I fall asleep reading - tell me I'm not alone!?


  1. I've gone through phases of not reading much, or not reading romance when I'm drafting a book, but these days I'm just reading whatever takes my fancy and whenever I can fit it in. A long lazy Sunday afternoon when I don't have anything planned works a treat. And reading in bed for 15-90 mins before going to sleep is delicious (and where most of my reading gets done).

    There's a long plane ride looming on my horizon, and I'm thinking reading and sleeping could be pretty much the perfect way to spend it. :-)

    But I so adore your set hour a day, Clare. That's a brilliant idea!

  2. Hi Clare

    I read as much as I can and when I can, reading is so important to me but of course there are other things that need to be done LOL like cooking meals and washing and some housework. I used to walk everyday for about 30 mins and I would listen to an audio book while walking and loved it sadly walking is something I can't do anymore and resting and reading wins. I read before I go to sleep of a night as well, I hope you get some more time soon to read :)
    Good on you for setting aside some time to read
    Have Fun


  3. Clare, I'm in the same boat. I seem to find less time reading because there's so much other stuff to do. I'm still playing catch up on several fronts after a big trip away and tell myself that I'll get back into it soon. At the moment I'm snatching time to read but it doesn't feel good. Reading makes me feel so much better and I so love escaping into a great book. I have several lined up just waiting for me!

  4. Clare, with your writing commitments and family life, I'm not surprised at all to see you fall asleep as soon as you get a quiet moment! When I'm on deadline, reading becomes a guilty pleasure! Thankfully, I read very quickly.