Oct 1, 2016

One of my books, Countering His Claim, is being reissued DownUnder this month in an anthology with three other books, called Local All-Star Anthology 2016.

I loved Luke and Della's story so I'm thrilled it's out in print again, but I've been thinking...

I celebrate a new release - sometimes by going out with friends, sometimes just raising a glass of bubbles at home with Mr Bailey. But do I celebrate a re-release? It's a shiny, new version, but it's still the same story.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! And if you think I should celebrate - any suggestions?

Never be distracted by a woman is hotel magnate Luke Marlow’s golden rule, especially when the woman just inherited half his late uncle’s luxury cruise liner. But ship’s doctor Della Walsh is the exception. Her dignified beauty ignites Luke’s desire despite his suspicions. Even so, he will gain full control of the ship at all costs.
For Della, the ship has been a sanctuary. Now she has just three weeks to change Luke’s mind and save the ship—until passion comes along and steers them off course….


  1. Yay for the re-release of Jake and Della, Rach! Wonderful to see them in THE LOCAL ALL-STAR ANTHOLOGY! (Go you!). And, yes, you definitely need to celebrate. I'm of the firm belief that one needs to celebrate every book (re-releases included) with champagne...and maybe something sweet like sticky date pudding. ;-) Enjoy!

    1. Did you say sticky date pudding? Mr Bailey happens to make the best stick date pudding in the whole of the world, so I might just put in an order. You know, because Michelle Douglas said so. :)

    2. Gah! Where did Jake come from? LUKE and Della. Sorry! (Btw, it was very classy of you not to point that out).

      Also, I'm sure Mr Bailey will be delighted to spoil you with a scrummy sticky date pud. And I don't doubt that you'll both enjoy it. :-)

    3. I was assuming Jake was from The Summer of Jake, and so I was happy you'd remembered him. Also, Jake was a pro surfer, and Luke's story happened aboard a ship travelling around the South Pacific, so they had some similarities. :)