Dec 30, 2015

New Year's Eve

So it's the end of 2015 and we're all set to celebrate the segue of one year into the next, and make resolutions about things we want to do differently in 2016. Right?

For me it's a yes and no to both.

I love the IDEA of seeing in the new year, but I often find it an anti-climax, and fireworks have failed to hold my interest for a few years now (plus I always think of the number of dogs panicking and running away from home with all the scary noise). 

Chances are that celebrations at the Bailey house this year will be a glass of bubbly and perhaps a sparkler on the verandah earlier in the night, and in bed asleep long before midnight.

I'm not enamored by resolutions either - they seem to have a bad track record among the general population. However, I do think it's a magical time for two things, and I plan to do both this year:

1. A recap of the year that has been. Mr Bailey and I take some time to talk about the things the year has brought, and be grateful. It's often surprising what one of us remembers and the other has forgotten from the year.

2. Make goals. These are different to resolutions, because they're not about change, they're more like plans and things we'll work towards. Also, they don't have to be limited to one year. We once made a complex five year plan that had many elements outside our control, and clinked our champagne glasses to the plan at midnight on a NYE. The whole thing fell into place 10 days after the five years was up, so we're firm believers in the NYE goals.

What about you? Are you celebrating big? Will you even make it to midnight? Do you have rituals that you follow every year? 

Whatever you're doing on NYE, from my little family to yours, I hope your 2016 is awesome! 


  1. Hi Rachel

    I am with you I for one don't like travelling on NYE too many idiots on the roads we normally stay at home we watch the 9-00 pm fireworks on the TV from The City if we are lucky we make it to the midnight ones :) although with all of the fireworks that people are letting off around our house we need to have the dog inside.

    We don't set resolutions either but think about what we should be doing to make positive steps for the new year.

    Happy New Year Everyone and I do hope that it is a good one and that all of your dreams come true :)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, I love the idea of thinking about what we should be doing to make positive steps for the new year. A great way to think about it!

      Thanks for the New Year wishes. Right back atcha! :)

  2. This NYE we're celebrating my daughter's 18th birthday so, it's going to be a big one, Rach :-)
    We usually make it through to midnight each years with a couple of notable exceptions. I love the possibility that abounds as one year morphs into another. Even if its just for a night, there's a kind of magic to it all.

    1. Amy, what great timing for an 18th! It will be like the whole world is celebrating with her. :)

      Yep, I love the magic of the time too. Maybe I should try to stay awake this year...

  3. Hi Rachel,
    My husband and I both hate fireworks and all tha hubba hubba around New Year's Eve. Now at 12 o'clock we are celebrating the new Year in our bathtub, drinking some bubbly enjoying a bubblebath. A lovely and clean tradition for us both.

    1. Riet, that sounds like a fabulous tradition! Double bubbles to ring in the new year!

  4. I don't have anything planned for NYE... can't be bothered and have better things to spend my money on that alcohol and gigs.
    I stopped setting resolutions several years ago, but I do tend to set goals. It's just coincidence that they get set at the same time as New Year. Most of mine are now written down for the coming year. Just have a few more areas that I'd like to consider.

    Your thoughts on the fireworks for NYE is why I don't much enoy Guy Fawkes anymore. The fireworks are still sold here for that, just in a very narrow 3 day window.

    1. Lyn, it seems you're like me with the goals, not resolutions. Hope your goals are all achieved in 2016!

      We don't do Guy Fawkes in Australia, which is probably a good thing given how easily bush fires start here!

    2. LOL... I hadn't thought of that with Guy Fawkes in Australia, but you are very right.

      For sure with the goals - and I made a fibber out of myself today, as I'm going to have to set some new goals in one section of my goal setting as some changes I made today with the help of the bank have basically eliminated several of my goals.
      For some reason, I'm more likely to achieve goals than resolutions even though those resolutions were usually similar to goals anyway.

    3. "For some reason, I'm more likely to achieve goals than resolutions even though those resolutions were usually similar to goals anyway."

      It's the same for me, too. Maybe we're rebels? :)

  5. We will be celebrating NYE in Bratislava which should be exciting and a bit different. We have dinner booked in our gorgeous hotel. The menu is very 'interesting' starting with goose-duck bullets!!

    I do make resolutions - some I keep really well, others....

    1. Jen, Bratislava? You have the most amazing life! I hope you're taking lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you. :)