Jan 18, 2012

Cat Party! Welcome Annie West & Emmie Dark!

The LoveCats have some thrilling news: two new cats are joining the pride today - fan favourite Annie West, and debut author Emmie Dark. Yay!

And it's such fabulous timing to welcome *two* new Cats, since this month is our blog's second anniversary! To celebrate both events, we're giving away TWO prize packs of books.

Annie (on the left) writes for Modern / Sexy / Presents and her books have been USA Today bestsellers, Cataromance winners, RT Readers Choice Award nominees, ARRA Awards finalists, Borders bestsellers along with heaps of other awards.

Emmie (on the right) writes for Superromance and her debut book, Cassie's Grand Plan will be out in the US in March. Emmie won RWAustralia's coveted Emerald Award for unpublished authors in 2011, and has since sold her second book (which will also be out this year!).

The sad news for the Cats is that our vacancies were caused by two of our regulars are stepping back for a while - Zana Bell (a founding Cat) and Soraya Lane. Soraya is taking a step back from blogging with the LoveCats to spend all her spare time writing ... when life isn't so hectic with her toddler she'll be back! Zana is focusing her writing talents on some new projects and we hope to hear from her soon!

In the meantime, pull up a chair, grab a glass of catnip punch and prepare to meet our newest recruits via our probing questions...

Does anyone with fur, feathers or scales share your life now, or in the past?

Annie: Daisy is my furred companion. She’s been with us for 15 ½ years and she’s old enough to have become a laid back, companionable indoor dog after years of being an energy-filled, can-I-find-a-break-in-the-fence beagle. She keeps me company, sleeping right next to my computer. Many of my best scenes are written to the gentle background of canine snoring.

Emmie: Not right now. Unfortunately, as an adult I’ve developed allergies to cats and dogs, but we used to have the most beautiful Persian cat as a family pet. Her name – very innocently – was Pussy Cat. She was the most majestic cat, very snobbish, like all Persians, and I’m sure she hated being called Pussy.

Even though you're now a Cat, if you could be any mythological creature, which one would you be?

Annie: Definitely a dragon. They can fly for a start which is an enormous plus, and shallow as I am, I like the look of them. Not those poor worm-like creatures you see in old icons of St George with a javelin, but the brilliantly coloured, sinuous and fascinating beasts. Breathing fire would be handy too – for bbqs and for discouraging unwanted visitors.

Emmie: I’d like to be a Muse from Greek mythology. It would be pretty fantastic to spend my days flitting around inspiring artists and writers to be creative. I also have a crush on the movie Xanadu and if I could do my inspiring while wearing rollerskates and ribbons in my hair a la ONJ, so much the better.

What was the first category book you read?

Annie: Sadly I can’t remember. It was borrowed from a friend’s house and was one among MANY. It was love at first read for me with category romance. I suspect it may have been an old Anne Hampson or Violet Winspear her mother had been hoarding. Definitely it was by an English author.

Emmie: I don’t remember. My sister and I were obsessed with reading Loveswept books back when we were teenagers. There are a few books I read back then that still stick with me – they were quite the education...

What was the last category book you read that you loved?

Annie: The Doukakis Apprentice by Sarah Morgan. What a treat!

Emmie: I can’t chose just one! I love reading SuperRomance (of course!) and I love the books of my fellow Melburnian SuperRomance authors, Sarah Mayberry and Joan Kilby – they’re both auto-buys for me. There are so many great authors out there – too many books I want to read and not enough time to do it in.

What's something we wouldn't know about you?

Annie: It’s been a few years but I used to be an expert fairy floss maker. I was pretty good at snow cones and cinnamon donuts too!

Emmie: Hmm. I’ve already given away my secret love of Xanadu and Loveswept books, I’m not sure there’s much left. My pedantic dictates regarding drinking tea are fairly well documented across the interwebs. I think all that leaves is the fact that I recently bought a new television. A massive, enormous, far-too-large for my tiny lounge room TV. It’s so confusing when you’re in the store, because even huge ones look tiny when they’re up on a wall with forty other huge ones. So far friends who’ve seen it have just tended to say ‘Huh, that’s a big television’. They’re right.

As mentioned above, we have *2* prize packs to give away to random commenters. 

Pack One:
1. Cassie's Grand Plan, Emmie Dark
2. Her Desert Lover: Treasured (anthology), Annie West
3. Beauty & The Scarred Hero, Emily May
4. Nice Girls Finish Last, Natalie Anderson
5. Made for Marriage, Helen Lacey
6. Millionaire Playboy, Maverick Heiress, Robyn Grady
7. Savage Dragon (download), Anna Hackett
8. Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted, Sharon Archer
9. Surgeon in a Wedding Dress, Sue Mackay
10. The Secretary's Secret, Michelle Douglas
11. Their Miracle Twins, Nikki Logan
12.  What Happens in Charleston…, Rachel Bailey

Pack Two:
1. Girl in the Bedouin Tent, Annie West
2. Bachelor Dad, Girl Next Door, Sharon Archer
3. Beauty & The Scarred Hero, Emily May
4. Escape for New Year, Robyn Grady
5. Hunter's Surrender (download), Anna Hackett
6. Made for Marriage, Helen Lacey
7. Mills & Boon Loves, Leah Ashton
8. Nice Girls Finish Last, Natalie Anderson
9. Surgeon in a Wedding Dress, Sue Mackay
10. The Secretary's Secret, Michelle Douglas
11. Their Miracle Twins, Nikki Logan
12. What Happens in Charleston…, Rachel Bailey

To be in the draw to win one of the prize packs, just leave a comment. You might like to tell us your answer to one of the questions we asked Annie and Emmie. =)


  1. Welcome to the new love cats. Lets see, the last category romance I read was Master of the Outback by Margaret Way. I have always loved her books. I actually had all of her books on my keeper shelves and lost them all in the May tornado that took my home. So now, I start all over again. I have always loved category romance and will continue to read them all.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  2. Hi Linda, I'm thinking how wonderful it is that something so positive is coming out of the traumatic experience of surviving a tornado and the loss of your house. What a lovely thrill to be reading all of Margaret's books again and enjoying them afresh. So sad about the circumstances though.

  3. Whoo Hoo Welcome Annie and Emma this is such a great place to hang out.

    The last catergory I read was Paula Roe's Bed Of Lies loved it. So many great stories and authors out there I am reading Tawny Weber's Sex Lies and Valentines now and loving that one as well.

    Have Fun

  4. Welcome Annie and Emmie!!! It's fabulous to have you both here and on a regular basis =)

    Annie, as you know I've been a fan of your stories for a very long time and I've heard such wonderful things about "the Girl in the Bedouin Tent", I'm dying to get this ms off tonight so I can get stuck into my TBR pile!

    Emmie, congrats again on your sale to Super! Like you, Joan and Sarah are auto buys for me and I can't wait to read your "Cassie's Grand Plan".

    I know you'll both be very happy hanging out with us Cats, our special guests and wonderful visitors.

    Robbie, wishing she could win one of the amazing prize packs...

  5. Hi Helen, it's lovely to see you hear. I've yet to read Paula's 'Bed of Lies' and am looking forward to it. Glad to hear you've got such great reading on your plate now.

  6. Morning Robbie and thank you for the welcome. As you know, I was thrilled to be invited along to the LoveCats! And joining at the same time as Emmie is such a treat. I'm looking forward to reading her debut book.

    Hope you enjoy 'Girl in the Bedouin Tent' when you get to it. I know what it's like putting off your reading as you finish writing a book. I'm in the same boat! I've got a stack of reading for later, including some LoveCat books. Can't wait.

    I'd love to win one of the prize packs too. Don't they look great?

  7. Wow, those are some serious prizes (gosh, I sound like the people who look at Emmie's TV!).

    Welcome to the Love Cats, Annie and Emmie. I loved your interviews. Annie, why have you never made me fairy floss? I LOVE FF! Emmie, congratulations on your debut hitting the shelves. I'm so looking forward to your visit to the Romance Bandits next month. That should be so much fun.

  8. Wow what a contest these prize packs are truly unbelievable ! You both rock ! What was the last category book you read that you loved?

    I am going to agree with Annie The Doukakis Apprentice by Sarah Morgan was a delicious and totally incredible treat loved it !!

    Thanks for the chance to win your incredible prize packs !


  9. By the way, Annie, I so agree with you about the Doukakis Apprentice. One of the best books I read last year. Absolutely classic Presents/Sexy. Reminded me of when I used to devour Anne Mathers like they were...fairy floss!

  10. Hi Anna,

    Sigh. My secret's out. Now you're going to badger me for fairy floss, aren't you? You wonder why I never told you... Actually, as I don't have a FF machine I'm stymied. Sorry.

    Thanks for the welcome. It's great to be here and yes, I'm looking forward to visiting the Romance Bandits too. Glad you liked the Doukakis Apprentice. It's one of my faves in the last few months. What good taste you have!

  11. Nothing is better than a free read, unless of course you add free chocolate! The current book I'm reading is A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James.

  12. Hi Desere, I agree - they're stunning prize packs. I think the LoveCats have been so generous. What a nice bunch I'm joining.

    What a coincidence that you enjoy Sarah Morgan's book too. Though I suppose it's not reallly a coincidence, just a darned good book.

  13. Lets see something about me people don't know... I am 33 years old and still terrified of the DARK it makes me *shudder*

    supagurlheather@gmail . com

  14. I love cats but never had one when I was growing up. My parents wanted a dog instead so that was what I had. Now that I am grown up, my husband has a cat allergies... So I am pretty much reduced to petting other people's cats...

  15. Hey, kitty, kitty--welcome to the two new LoveCats! I'm sure Annie and Emmie must be purring to be in such good company at this lovely blog.
    Congratulations Emmie on your debut release--I enjoy reading SuperRomance and look forward to reading Cassie's Grand Plan.
    I like your Greek Affair cover, too Annie. Those new-style covers are gorgeous. And congratulations on your three ARRA nominations, double finalist in the favourite category romance section and also for favourite Australian author.
    Does anyone with fur or feathers share my life? Joyfully, yes. Dog, cats, horses, miniature bulls (well, not so small compared to other animals but small compared to regular cattle and they are steers now not bulls!) and a flock of friendly, egg-laying hens!

  16. Annie and Emmie, welcome to the LoveCats! It's awesome to have you join us and to learn a bit more about you in this interview!

    Emmie, a Muse would be a perfect mythical creature for a writer to be! Can't wait for your debut to hit the shelf - not long now!

    Annie, you know I have to ask more about this fairy floss - since you mentioned snow cones and cinnamon donuts as well, I'm getting this picture of you moonlighting at a stall at a carnival or fete! Tell all!


  17. We have two cats--both spoiled beyond belief!

  18. Hi Emmie and Annie! Fantastic to see two new cats here. Annie, I'm picturing the Gold Coast 2012 conference, a nice little fairy floss stand...what do you think?

  19. Hi Annie and Emmie - welcome to the LoveCats! It was great to learn more about you both. Looking forward to your blogs.

  20. Hi Emmie! I just stopped by to wave at my favorite CP! Can't wait to have CGP in my hot little hands!


  21. Annie and Emmie, I'm so glad you've joined the lovely LoveCats!

    Annie, wow - expert fairy floss maker? I learn so many fascinating things about just about every day. I hope you'll tell me the secret of fairy floss some day as my sister loves it.

    Emmie, Xanadu is one of my all-time fave movies and I adore the soundtrack. Some unlucky people have been present for my karoke rendition of the song 'Xanadu'. Congrats on your debut release!

  22. Hi all and thanks for your lovely comments! Annie, I'm intrigued about your fairy floss abilities -- that's quite something! I agree with Louise -- let's get a stand up and running at the RWA conference, just for fun!

  23. Vanessa, I am so glad that you and others understand my love for Xanadu. I haven't done karaoke (but I would!), but my family do have to sit through me singing (and dancing) along at Christmas because we have a little tradition to watch it then. I've also seen the stage shows, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  24. Hi New Cats,

    Violet Winspear and Anne Mather were my earliest experiences when I was twelve or thirteen and pinched my sisters' books (or maybe they "let" me get at them!) and some old Lucy Walker books that I inherited from my eldest sister.

    Annie - I would be a dragon too! We even have the Welsh dragon on my husband's legal practice (he is half Welsh). Congrats on your ARRA nominations and best wishes to Emmie for March. It will be lovely to see your book in print. Congrats.

    Sue Rees

  25. What was the last category book you read that you loved? India Grey's The Fitzroy Legacy Duet (Craving the Forbidden and In Bed With a Stranger) because of the possible inheritance for Kit Fitzroy and his relationship with Sophie.

    Also, Janice Lynn's Dr. Di Angelo's Baby Bombshell because of the friends to lovers theme and that they didn't realize they were in love with each other basically since medical school.

    ang_1985 at hotmail dot com

  26. Although I am retired there is still not enough time to read all the books I want to read... Having said that I began reading romance books "late in life"and I'm not putting an age in that statement. My sister-in-law introduced me to romance books by way of the Presents line and I branched out from there. I am looking forward to Emmie's Superromance.

  27. Yay! Welcome to the cat box, Annie and Emmie -- it's so lovely to have your sleek purring selves here!

    Have just popped the first bottle of bubbles -- anyone for a glass? I think we should set up a fairy floss stand in the middle of the room, and get a Xanadu party started in one corner. Ooh, I love a good Cat party!


  28. Hi Emmie and Annie

    Congratulations at joining the Lovecats!

    What's something most people don't know about me? That's a hard one - my life's pretty much an open book. Lol!

    How about this... I've always been scared of heights. Not one for letting something like terror get the best of me, I took up abseiling in my twenties to combat it.

    A little weird, but true.

    Looking forward to March and my copy of Cassie's Grand Plan!


  29. I'll have one Michelle! Great party! We have lovely guests that have popped in (thanks all for your comments) and with fairy floss happening over there and Xanadu playing on the screen in the corner, I'm pretty much in nirvana...!

  30. Michelle, I'm scared of heights too! But only after having kids. I think it was I was scared for them.
    I couldn't do abseiling, or parashuting, or even rollercoasters any more. But, boy, do I love your courage!!!

  31. Waving to everyone. Great post Emmie and Annie. I'm sitting here shivering, we're expecting a huge snowfall here in Seattle. The giveaways soud fabuloua.

  32. HUGE congrats and welcomes to Annie and Emmie!! Love the title of your book Emmie :)
    I have four pets - an Old English sheepdog, two cats (one pregnant so who knows how many we actually have) and a budgie called Budge!

  33. Hi Emmie and Annie, welcome to LCDU.
    Enjoyed reading about your furry pals. Annie, I can relate to your finding-a-hole-in-the-fence pooch and Emmie, your snooty pussy cat. I'm presently petless too but recently borrowed my sister's canine fluff ball. She liked sitting on my bare toes when holidaying at their beach house.

  34. Sorry to see Soraya go but *WAVES EXCITEDLY* to welcome Annie West :DDDDD Welcome to too Emmie!

  35. Welcome Emmie and Annie!!!! So great to have you here :) I loved all those questions - and like many, I love fairy floss - tho we call it candy floss - is that the same thing? And is that the same thing a spun sugar??? I'm going on a tangent sorry... LOL. But it is YUM.

  36. Welcome Emmie and Annie,
    The first category romance I read was Iris Johansen's "Tender Savage."

  37. Hi Annie and Emma,

    Great blog. Nice to find out a few of your "secrets." I used to love Violet Winspear. I think she was the first M&B author I ever read.



  38. We used to have a pomeranian called Jessie, who was with us for 13 years and was like our child. She was irreplaceable so no more pets for me at this stage. It's hard losing our fur babies.

  39. Hi Ladies - wonderful to see you both here and learn all your secrets :)

    **Emmie - you know how thrilled I am for you and I can't wait to see Cassie in print :)

    **Annie - I adore your books and your gorgeous alpha-heroes. *Jinks* I'm also currently reading Sarah Morgan's "The Doukakis Apprentice" :) Sarah is my new fav Presents/ Sexy author

  40. Hi Emmie & Annie,
    I always love hearing tidbits of life beyond authors writing life, so thanks for sharing.
    My first fav M&B author was Anne Mather - Leopard in The Snow. I have a well worn copy on my bookshelf.
    cheers Lia

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. (ooh how odd. Not sure how I managed that. Trying again.)

    Welcome Emmie & Annie - so nice to officially 'unveil' you.

    I have one, cat, two dogs, three fish, four frogs and four birds. If I got one more bird I would be my own version of the 12 days of Christmas :) I generally only write with the dogs at my feet. The cat sometimes helps by sitting on my keyboard as I type. The birds and frogs arent' fussed with what I do in here :)

  43. Huge shout out to the new LoveCats! Emmie and Annie, it is so great to have you joining the gang.

  44. Welcome to the Lovecats Annie and Emma. We have a ton of fun here.
    Fairy floss - that takes me back.
    And as for your books, I can see I need to go shopping on line again.

  45. Annie and Emmie -- welcome!!! It's so wonderful to have you join us. Loved the answers to your questions!

    And now I'm going to gravitate over to that bottle of bubbles that Michelle opened and have myself a glass while listening to Xanadu...

  46. Hi Annie and Emmie! Welcome!
    Wow, fairy floss... must have made you popular Annie.
    I love the title Emmie.

    Two furred friends here. Both dogs, both 12 and neither wanting to slow down too much. Yet. the liitle Ausiie Terrier is bonded to hubby and yaps constantly when he's home. The bigger border collie x mutt is bonded to the Aussie terrier...

  47. Hi eMmie n Annie thank you for sharing with us your journeys as ab author. My question to the two of you what is the very first novel you ever read when you were kids or teenagers? And what has become yours inspirations to write romance novels? Thank you, wish you all the best aretha_zhen@yahoo.com

  48. Hi Annie and Emmie. Annie ~ I've been a fan of yours for a few years now. Emmie ~ Congratulations. I'll be watching for your debut Super Romance. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Have to take a moment and wave to Zana and Soraya. I hope I get to read more of their books sometime. I really enjoyed getting to know them here on the Love Cats.

    Two cats reside at our home. Saxon and Dash.

    Last Love Cat book that I read and loved was Made for Marriage by Helen Lacey and just before that I read and loved The Secretary's Secret by Michelle Douglas.
    Somewhere between those two books I read a four book Medical series called Single, Free & Fabulous in Sydney with one book by Carol Marinelli, Fiona McArthur, Emily Forbes and Amy Andrews. I love series like this one that came out in NA in back to back months so I can just sit down and read the whole series at once. Four great books by the way and I could not pick a favorite one of the four.

  49. Oh wow! Two new Cats! And both good friends of mine :)
    Naturally, I have every one of Annie's books - they are keepers. And I can't wait for Emmie's book to hit the shelves - it'll be PARTEEEEEE time at the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild!!

    "What was the last category book you read that you loved?"

    I love them all!!!! But the last one I read was one by another Cat and good friend -- Robyn Grady's Millionaire Playboy, Maverick Heiress :)

  50. Wow! I've been out all day and just got back to find the blog filled with comments! Ooh, can't wait to read them all. What fun. It's great to be among category romance lovers!

  51. Ooh, Supagirl - afraid of the dark? That I can understand. I'm well over it now - have to after getting up at night when the children were young, but I do remember a stage after seeing a few vampire movies when I was impressionable when I didn't want to venture out of bed till the sun came up.

    Kandy, yes, purring to be in such good company is just the way I feel. Thanks for the congratulations too! And to you. Isn't it great to receive positive feedback on a book you love? I've been watching 'Castaway Bride' turn into a hit in Amazon and smiling for you.

    Sharon - tell all? Not much to tell. As a student I worked for a stint at the local show (fair) where I served healthful food such as donuts, snowcones and pluto pups. Then I learned about FF helping out at school fetes. A friend and I volunteered (fools) for the stall when no one else would. They knew what we didn't - making FF outside on a windy day is sticky madness plus it was always packed with kids. Good fun though. So much so we went back again the following year.

  52. Louise - a fairy floss stall at the conference? How about I instruct you and you go for it?

    Vanessa, have you seen the wonderful middle eastern fairy floss you can buy now? Yum!

    Michelle, yes please! Bubbles for me. It's been a long day and I'd love a glass.

    And Michelle S - I just had to say how impressed I am with you taking up abseiling to overcome your fear of heights. I remember getting rigged up in the gear, leaning out over a 50 m cliff and thinking no way! It's just not for me. What determination you've got.

  53. Waving right back, Tash. It's great to see you hear.

    And Marilyn, I hope the weather's not as bad as you're expecting. I hope you're stocked up with supplies.

  54. 'Here'! I meant to say 'here'. Did I mention it's been a long day?

  55. I'm so enjoying hearing about so many furry friends. Dora, do you have a Houdini pooch too? We got to know so many of our neighbours when we moved here because they'd bring Daisy back home after an escape!

    And hearing about other's first books is such a treat. Lia, I remember 'Leopard in the Snow' and even seeing the film they made of it. Sue and Margaret, it sounds like we were reading some of the same books!

  56. Thanks, LoveCats for the very warm welcome! It's lovely to see you all.

    Natalie - yes, fairy floss is candy floss. Smiling here at everyone's reaction to that. I'll know what to talk about if ever I'm stuck for a topic...something sweet!

    Joanne, have you just discovered Sarah M? She's one of my fave category authors. Thank you too for the lovely comment on my stories.

    Waving hi to you both, Kaelee and Serena. I'm so pleased you're still reading my books. And big waves to everyone else. What a fabulous stack of comments!

  57. Hi Aretha - thanks for the questions. Now that's making me think. I can't remember my first book, though I have a very vivid memory of my dad reading me 'Wind in the Willows', a chapter a night, as I lay tucked up in bed. I had a big book of fairy tales from all around the world I used to pore over when I could read. Later I got hooked on Dr Dolittle which was full of amazing animals of great humanity and humour. No wonder I'm a sucker for animals.

    As for inspiration in my romance writing - I think it's a love of romance generally, of that wonderful emotional journey you go on when you fead a fabulous romance. And for specific inspiration? He denies it's possible but my husband inspires my heroes.

  58. Hello to the two lovely new LoveCats!

    Like many, we have a menagerie on our little farm as well. I'd like to blame the kids, but it might be me. :)

    We have a old dog (our first child), two cats, chickens and a pond full of goldfish that seems to have endless numbers of offspring. Funnily, our animals all have human names--Beryl, Esmae, Barney, Trevor (our Bantam rooster).

    Our kids are called Fluffy, Socksy and Spot.

  59. Hi Emmeline,

    I don't know why it is but I love the idea of a Bantam rooster called Trevor.

  60. A Cat Party sounds like a lot of fun!!! I was drawn to the question about mythological creatures. I must say the idea of a dragon does appeal to me too. All that power, magic & flying too. A little magic be very useful.

  61. Hi Annie and Emmie. Annie - I loved your comment about writing to the sound of canine snoring - that gave me a giggle. Emmie - we recently bought our first big TV too. Here's a question for you: can your neighbours watch it from across the street? If not, it's not too big! Looking forward to future posts, ladies.

  62. Hi Annie and Emmie,
    Congrats on becoming one of the 'cool' LoveCats.
    It was wonderful to learn a few secrets about you. Annie, I'd die for some fairy floss right now! Emmie, I love Xanadu with Kira and Sonny. Fabulous music.
    Emmie, I can't wait for your fabulous book to arrive in my mailbox, then we're going to parteeee at the MRWG for your first book signing. Champers, cake, choccies and lots of fun.
    Hugs to you both Elvina

  63. lol - that's ok Annie re the hear/here, I noticed after I got my to and too's mixed up.

    Rachel Bailey: can you please wish Soraya best wishes for everthing and her writing, I look forward to her future books. Good luck to Zana too.

  64. Annie and Emmie, the place has been hoping while I've been out at a meeting! Ti's gorgeous to see everyone here!

    Annie, your fairy floss credentials are rock solid! (actually we used to call it candy floss in NZ... I wonder if they still do)

    Emmeline, we had a bantam rooster called Napoleon. He was an excellent little fellow who taught our poor retired battery hens how to scratch in the dirt.


  65. Woot!!! Welcome to the new cats, you'll love it here =))

  66. Hello to new LoveCats, Annie and Emmie!

    Just dropped in to welcome the new LoveCats!

  67. Sorry I'm so late to the party.

    Welcome Annie and Emmie.

    Farewell Zana and Soraya. Every best wish for the future to both of you!


  68. Welcome Emmie and Annie - it's wonderful to have you here!!

  69. Congratulations Annie and Emmie!

    I've always been drawn to this site because I'm definitely a cat person. I have two cats at the moment, and at any given time will have anything up to three cats.

    Something people don't know about me? I am very afraid of heights, but that's not the bit most people don't know.

    As a kid I used to climb over roofs, scale ladders and more. I was fearless!

    At the age of 15 I was in a serious car accident, my head was split open, and I got concussion.

    Since then, I've not been able to cope with heights. Even standing on a chair makes me dizzy.

    Weird, huh?

  70. is this prize including international giveaway?

  71. Good morning everyone, and thank you for the welcomes.

    Natalie, I'm glad you got a giggle out of daiy's snoring. She's here beside me now, not snoring as she's just had breakfast and is surveying her kingdom out the window. But I'm being treated to settling down snuffles. It's a very homey, comfortable sound.

    Sharon, I love the idea of a rooster, especially a bantam, called Napoleon. I wonder if he was a very self important bird.

    Tash, I find myself making so many mistakes when I type fast. Sometimes I get letters from the next word jumbled up in there too!

  72. Cheryl, I think being afraid of heights is perfectly natural. Maybe this is just your body's way of telling you not to get into a risky position after that car accident.

  73. I'm so sad to be leaving this gorgeous group of ladies, but I'm sure you'll all love having Annie and Emmie as part of the gang!

    Thanks so much for all the lovely messages, and I will definitely miss you all. I'm still going to be busy writing for Harlequin Romance, but with a day job, toddler and farmyard to look after, I'm having to cut back on blogging and other fun things like that!

    I loved hearing about all your animals ... as some of you know I adore all our four-legged friends, despite the money I have to keep spending on vet bills! We have two dogs, four horses and four hens.


  74. Michelle, can you pass the bubbly over here, please? And I'll refresh the bowl of catnip punch because it seems to be running low. Hey, that Xanadu soundtrack that's playing in the background? Awesome! I can see Emmie will fit right in here. :)

    Tash, I passed your message to Soraya, and I see she's come to visit. We're going to miss her and Zana dreadfully. Luckily they're not leaving completely (see the "Cats in the Wild" section of the sidebar!). Once the LoveCats have their claws in you... ;)

    Annie and Emmie, I'm *so* thrilled you joined us! Annie, I have The Billionaire's Bought Mistress in my TBR and I can't wait - Michelle Douglas tells me I'll love it, and she never lies. Emmie, I'm sooo looking forward to Cassie's Grand Plan!

    Eli, yep, the prizes are open to overseas commenters. Lots of our prizes end up taking a trip over the oceans. :)

  75. I'm sorry, I got busy yesterday afternoon and couldn't come back and comment, and the place went wild! Thank you everyone for your kind comments and warm welcomes. I'm looking forward to curling up like a contented cat and making myself at home here...

  76. Yep, am popping more corks and passing (one? two?) bottles of bubbly in your direction, Rach. ;-)

    And cake, I feel we need cake. Double choc fudge cake with choc curls and Homer Hudson choc-rock ice cream anyone?

    Emmie, how do you feel about Grease? Am thinking, just for a little variety, that we may need to see ONJ and JT strut their stuff for a bit. :-)

  77. Yes! Play Grease! (Of course now I'll be doing housework today with the soundtrack playing in my head...) When it's done, perhaps a little ABBA and Elvis to mix things up a little? Can't have a party without ABBA and Elvis!

    Good thinking about the cake, Michelle. I'll take a slice. And here are some choc chip cookies I just took out of the oven. Take one and pass them along.

    You know what's interesting about everyone's answers to those questions, is the patterns that emerge. Lots of fear of heights, lots of wanting to be a dragon, and bantam roosters called Trevor and Napoleon. What cool cats we all are. :)

  78. Housework, Rach? No, no! Feet up. Eat cake. We're cats who know how to party! *She passes Rach a large piece of cake while "Summer Lovin'" blares from the speakers and swipes a couple of choc-chip cookies.*

    Yep, lots of fun and very cool guests here - I mean, what's not to love about a dragon? Or a bantam chicken called Trevor or Napoleon?

    Off to line up some ABBA and Elvis. ;-)

  79. Ooh, 'Grease' is playing now. Nothing like a bit of variety. As for the choc chip cookies - I've just survived pilates so I think I'll wait a while - can you keep some warm for me, Rachel? But I might manage some of that bubbly. After all, it's well and truly afternoon here. I'm wondering if romance writers are drawn to dragons and bantams. There must be a story in there...!

  80. Oh, Emmie, I forgot to say how much I like that cover you've got for your first book. Really lovely!

  81. Welcome Annie and Emmie to the lovecats blog. It's tons of fun - and its so fab to have so many downunder authors writing category.
    We currently have one cat, two bunnies and two guineas. I have to say, the bunnies are just gorgeous. I could watch them all day - they run around the backyard - or rather, dig burrows around the back yard. So cute.

  82. Hi Annie,

    I fully agree it is a really great book !

  83. Jo, I'm a sucker for rabbits, but we withstood the children's pleas for one when we moved to the coast as it's a mosquito area and we thought the colesi virus would get it. Do you have any trouble with it?

  84. Not where we live, no, thank goodness. Not sure we have it here in NZ among the pet population but wise not to have rabbits if there's a risk, for sure.