Feb 5, 2017

Sunday Smooch with Stefanie London!

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Stefanie London but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Stefanie London's MR. DANGEROUSLY SEXY.

He’ll keep her safe…but can he keep his distance?

When Addison Cobalt learns she has a potentially volatile stalker, she tries to hide it from her business partner, Logan Dane. The hyperprotective, supersexy cohead of their security company will only try to take control of the situation—and her.

Which is exactly what Logan does when he finds out about the stalker. Addison craves the safety of Logan’s body, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to give up her independence, or all of her secrets, for him. She has a few ways to shake Logan’s iron control, but it’s a wicked and risky game. Because the only thing more dangerous than her stalker is Mr. Dangerously Sexy himself!

Addison and Logan have known each other ever since she was a teenager and he was hired by her father. They have a fierce connection, even if they both feel it would be easier if they didn't. But one steamy night two years ago affected them both, and now they're still dealing with the fallout of that night.

Addison is sick of playing games, so she bets Logan that they won't make it home from dinner without him wanting to ravish her. And she's not the type to lose a bet.


She reached into the pocket on the inside of her bag where she’d cheekily stashed her panties after returning from the restroom back at the restaurant. Initially, her plan had been to surprise him closer to home on a quiet little side street and let him feel his way to that discovery.

But he was playing hard to get.

Her fingertips brushed the expensive silk and she toyed with the little ribbon that held the sides together. As they rounded a corner, she pulled the panties out and stealthily tucked them into his hand.

“What the hell?” he said, looking at her and then dropping his eyes down to his hand. “Christ, Addison. Are these what I think they are?”

“If you think they’re a pair of Agent Provocateur ouvert panties, then you’re correct.” The style was her favorite, with little cutouts and fiddly ribbons that made her feel like a million bucks. “Spoiler alert, I’m wearing the matching bra.”

He stuffed the panties into his pocket but not before she saw him rub the silk between his fingers and his nostrils flared. His cool was slipping.

“I figured I’d save you the trouble of getting them off. They’re delicate and I didn’t want you to rip them.” She slipped his hand over her shoulder and turned her face up to his. “Save your teeth for me.”

He swore under his breath, his arm tightening around her. “You’re going to be the death of me, Cobalt.”

“At least you’ll die happy, Dane.”

“Die happy and go straight to hell. Sounds about right.” He grinned at her with a rakish devil-may-care expression.

It wasn’t often that he looked at her that way. Since he’d barreled into her life he’d been moody and dark, any joking or teasing undercut with a current of tension. Restraint.

“If everyone got sent to hell for having great sex, then I’d be happy to go there, too. It’d be quite the party.”

“So it’s great sex, huh?”

Heat crept into her cheeks, and she hid it by resting her head against his shoulder. “What would you call it?”

“Words aren’t my thing.”

They crossed another road and his apartment building loomed ahead. A quiet alley was a few feet off to their right, so she took his hand and pulled him toward the shadows. “Show me then.”

The alley was little more than an exit for the underground parking of one of the apartment towers on the block. On the other side was a fence that sectioned off a children’s playground. It was dark, but anyone looking closely would be able to see them.

She led Logan past the parking lot entrance and into the shadows. “It’s just us now.”

Heart hammering, she pulled him close and wedged herself between the hard muscle of his chest and the brick building. Her hands went to his pecs, sliding up until they curled around his jaw. Rough stubble scratched her palms and she tugged him closer. The moment his lips hit hers, she was lost. Obliterated.

His tongue pushed between her teeth and he pinned her against the wall. The hard jut of him sent her brain into meltdown. All she wanted was to feel him inside her.

“Addi,” he moaned as he ground himself against her. He yanked her leg over his hip and slid his hand up over the band of her thigh-high stocking until he cupped her bare ass.

The cool night air caressed her naked skin. She’d never done anything so wicked as this, so brazen. But it felt good to step out of her shell, to take charge of her life. To throw caution to the wind.

Have you ever fallen for (or had a crush on) someone you work with? Leave a comment to go in the draw to win a signed copy of MR. DANGEROUSLY SEXY.
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  1. Hi Stefani

    Woohoo Oh I loved this story (the whole series) Logan and Addi are so good together :)

    I don't think there is anyone that I fallen for at work I was already hooked u when I started working many moons ago LOL maybe that had something to do with it but later on there were many people who hooked up with other people they worked with some went on to have great relationships some not :)

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks Helen! Your comments always put a smile on my face :)

      I'm the same, J and I were already dating before I started working. So no office dates for me!

  2. Ooo! Such a hot smooch! No work romances for me but I have lots of friends who met that way. I had unwelcome attention at work at times, which today is called sexual harassment. Wish I'd spoken up at the time but who would have done anything back then?

    1. Thanks Melanie! Yes, I have to admit I've had a few of those experiences too. But, like you, I didn't really speak up.

  3. Broke up with my boyfriend (mutual decision). A week later my coworker came over to my apartment (I think he drunk dialed me). We ... uh ... were into each other ... and then he quit a month or so later and moved away for a better job. I met my now husband of 35 years a month later. The End. LOL.

    1. Wow 35 years, that's amazing! Luckily that other guy moved away ;)

  4. WooHoo now that was HOT lol Avoided them at work, kept my private life and work life separate. Mind you I gave up work 30 years ago and never went back ;)

    1. Sometimes I think I like office romances in books much better than ones in real life! Although my husband and I worked for the same company, but we were already together before we started working there.

  5. Stef, I'm really behind on reading, but it's been ages since I read a Blaze. I think I need to fix that with this book.

  6. LOL! I married 'the boss' from my first job after graduation. Talk about cliche, but we'll be celebrating 42 years in April.

    1. Awww no wonder you write romance! I know a few people IRL that fell for their boss :)

  7. Now that's a hot scene, Stef!
    No, no work romances but some terrific friendships via work. Ones that have lasted ages. :)

    1. Thank you! Workplace friendships can be some of the best, can't they? You get close to people when you see them every day :)

  8. Love that smooch... hot enough to make me want to read Addi and Logan again. I only read it in December!
    Had a few crushs on workmates when I was younger, not that that they went anywhere. Nothing in my current job though. I have nothing against work romnces, but in the places I've worked, when things have fallen apart, everyone around experiences the fall out too.

    1. Yes, that's certainly the tough bit about office dating - if it doesn't work out it can make for an awkward work environment!

  9. Haven't had a crush on anyone I have worked with, as I was married almost all of my working like. There was a male nurse when I was 25, he was cute, very sweet and very married, and a bit of a novelty in 1978 when 99% were female nurses.

    1. I bet it would have been - I wonder what the ratio is now? I know I've seen quite a few male nurses while visiting family in hospital. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great book! I haven't had any work romance. I work mostly with women.